Quake v.s. Bonfire v.s. Canvas

So reply to this post if you participated in the poll with your reasoning on why you think I should get the throw that you chose compared to the other throws!!!

As far as what I am wanting I am thinking that a throw that can spin long enough to handle any combo given that I throw it accordingly. I would also like it to be a little nimble and floaty. Not really wanting anything to heavy playing right now.


Canvas feels like frank sinatra with a top hat, elegant and classy

Bonfire feels like a jet plane taking off at mach speeds

i wouldn’t recommend the quake against these 2^

my vote: canvas, it really is that good

Bonfire all day.

Canvas, it’s just that good

It’s subjective, it depends what you in particular like.

3 very different yoyos. What are you looking for?

Ok guys I added what I wanted up top if you have any other questions I’ll be happy to answer them!

Bonfire: Very Floaty long enough spins too pull of long combos.

Quake: A little for solid but still pretty light on the string better spin times than Bonfire.

Canvas: Floaty. Awesome.
This isn’t really what most yoyos are like now adays but I promise just about anybody who try’s it will love it.

With ur wants sounds like the bonfire to me.

All 3 of those throws can absolutely do any combo anyone is capable of performing. I have all 3 and they’re all top notch and amazing throws. The Canvas is my favorite because I love the higher walls and more organic shape. The Quake is probably the best mid-sized throw ever made. It’s fast, speedy, stable…I have played with my Quake almost everyday since I purchased it when they released. I love its size and it is very comfortable in the hand. The Bonfire is larger than the other two and is probably the most traditional “competition” type throw of the three. They are all really different throws though and are very difficult to compare. With how different all 3 are I’d say just pick a colorway you love and try to purchase or find that throw. The Canvas will probably be the most difficult to acquire since CLYW retired them and Jensen may or may not make another run on his own. The B/S/T usually had some, but definitely be prepared to hunt if you want your dream Canvas.

I’ve never played the other two, but I don’t think you can go wrong with the Quake. I always go look through my collection, thinking that I’ll throw something else today, and I might for a little while, but I always end up with my Quake in my hands in the end.

Nimble and floaty? Sounds like a quake to me.

Ok I think I have narrowed it down the Quake and the Canvas. The main reason being that I truly believe that the Bonfire will be the “Next Chief” Meaning that they will have many runs of it in any colorway imaginable. As for the Quake I am iffy on it mainly due to the fact that I am only interested in extremely smooth finish which in that case I might just wanna wait on the next MFDxG2 collaboration on the next run of Quakes. So with all this being said I am choosing the Canvas because who knows when I will have the opportunity to cop one of these again!

There won’t be anymore MFD anodized quakes. Just the 2 seismic that are left.

The finish on the others is the same blast as the bonfire and canvas.

Canvas are the Quake are very different. Both are great. You’re going to be a happy player when you decide.