So many choices...

For Christmas I can choose 1 new throw.(Have a long time to think about this) Really leaning towards a CLYW. So far I’ve thought of

Nickel Plated Summit
New AC

I really like more slow relaxed play, and even floaty. Basically I just want your opinions on these. :wink:

Well if your open to it Gsquared makes some really nice throws that seem like you would like. Both the Triton and Albatross are floaty. Two other throws I recommend are the Nessie and the Quake. I am yet to have thrown a Quake ,but the Nessie is my favorite throw and you can get one on the Gsquared site right now for only $70! If your interested in a link you can message me in case you can’t find it on google or something.

I didn’t find the Triton particularly floaty. I liked it, but that’s not the word I would pick. Nessie, now THAT’s a fun yoyo. Really really good.

For people who seem to like fun and floaty, I can’t help recommending the Puffin, with Chief as my “safety” recommendation for people who aren’t sure the Puffin is for them. Nobody knows how the Bonfire will play yet, but I suspect it’ll be competition-oriented. Summit is pretty good for the style you describe. AC less so.

So yes, Puffin or Chief.