Looking for a new throw, been away for awhile.

Hey guys, just wondering what some of your top newer throws are at the moment? I’ve been looking at picking up an Vosun TiMe, or a CLYW Bonfire. I tend to like floaty yoyos. I like most sizes too.

My current top 3 is

1- Tundra
2- Manatee
3- Moonshine

these 3 ill likely never get rid of.

top 6 honorable mentions
Wooly Marmont2

all so good on their own. so excellent.

All CLYW. The bias is real. ::slight_smile:

In hopes of giving the OP a little more variety I’ll suggest some stuff outside of CLYW :wink:

If you want floaty you’d definitely like the OD Cascade. 2Sick Knight and YYF Edge are some great options to look into as well.

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The Knight is great! One of my favorites :slight_smile:

Yea, once I find something that works whether something at a certain restaurant, a certain brand of clothing, or maker of car, sonce I find what I love, I tend to stick with it and explore those selected choices fully. Its hard for me to break those alliances when something of theirs has taken my heart. JNCOs is a good example. They did something excellent, and I love them for it. Not to say that other brands are not doing great, but Ive always been a bit more focused.

I dont talk about things I dont know about. Ive got huge hands on time with all of them. I could say “Draup all day, Strum Panzer is boss, and whats more Floaty than a Summit with Ultra Lights?”

Its all true, but I cant say from experience. Bonfire was the second most floaty ive thrown, Summit with ultralights took that cake.

Ive thrown alot of great yoyos, but CL’s have always been outstanding for me. And my collection shows it :wink:

I see you like General-Yo, you should think about purchasing a Prophecy. Lightweight, floaty, impeccable design and craftsmanship.

Prefer CLYW much? Hahahahha. Glad u dig that tundra!

I know they’re not as “high end” but I have been really impressed with the newer yoyofficer stuff. My Urban is so much fun and goes with me just about everywhere when I’m on campus, and the Vector is on my to-buy list after hearing the reviews.

Yea. they are all I have, so i guess im a bit slanted. /shrug
They still awesome tho :wink:

Get a Yoyofficer Urban or Vector. They are just very capable and great feeling yoyos. So smooth!

They are high end without the high price tag.

Some good throws I’ve got going on rn are the

Yoyofficer Urban
One drop benchmark “O”
General Yo Prestige 2

Markmont. Classic

Pulse fire or EX by axis yoyos ether are amazing

Check out the Yoyofficer Orbis, nice and light, plays great at a great price.