I like nice floaty yo-yos. Fast and smooth. So I would like the chief but is it the best from CLYW. If not what is, and what would you recommend for freestyle competitions?

The best clyw is all preference. Some people like the Sasquatch some like the AC. Some good throws are the Nessie From Gsquared, The 2wei By Iloveyoyo, the EPIC by madhouse. And any C3yoyodesign. Look at these and choose what you think will suit your fancy.

yes i said suit your fancy

Talking caribou lodge…Chief is probably the best competition throw they have IMO. Others may argue and say its the arctic circle…but hey, it’s all opinion!

Things like “best” are always a problem here.


Things like “best” come down to a matter of personal opinion and personal preference. With so many good yoyos out there, there’s lots of fantastic and great stuff to choose from.

I am finding the Cascade to be pretty floaty. The CLYW Avalanche seems kinda floaty to me. The Chief and Arctic Circle are definitely amazing. The Glacier Express is way different, totally unique compared to other CLYW stuff.