Have funds for one of the following and one only

Hey guys,

I’ve been playing my bonfire a lot lately and although I do feel the floatiness I want yet another throw to I guess broaden my horizons. I have the choices of the above. I am open to other suggestions… I heard model 10 is floaty however hard to find one in nice colorway and condition.

Hmmm I know I must list preferences so lets just me list my fav throws I have from least to greatest top 5 are

2. Prodigy
3. DM2 (somehow this one is extremely fun for me)
4. Shutter

I hope this information is enouhg as I know there’s alot of opinions out there and what not. If you feel the bonfire out does all these throws in terms of fun in your eyes just state so. Thank you for all input…my second post only so please go easy on me.

Chief sounds great.


Now you are officially in deep dudu. All have 1 vote. :smiley:

Chief but if you can get an Irony JPX I’d grab that instead.

Of the ones you listed, Chief. However, if you are looking to broaden your horizons, I would suggest buying a 2014 Sleipnir that can be found at a certain well known Asian retailer for the same price as a Chief.