recommend me! budget is around $155ish

So, I’m looking at the chief, arctic circle, sleipnir, messiah, and the clash.

I have a budget right around $155, and I could get a little more if I need to. This will be my first throw that’s over $115, so I’m being extremely picky.

I like things that are floatyish, midsize, good for horizontal, powerful, and somewhat quick. I don’t play too fast, but I’m definitely not slow.

My favorite throws are…
Code 2
Spyy el ranchero
Spyy supra

I go to a club, so I could ask the guys if they have any of those I could try, but I’m just asking input here.

Thanks guys!

collid3r if you want floaty,fast, not much authority imo
chief if you want a little oversize,powerful,floaty,and can be put to any pace (only clyw I played other than bvm,ava)

I have a Chief, an AC, a Sleipnir and a Clash. Based on your preferences, and price, I would recommend the Sleipnir. In my opinion, the Messiah is probably too small to fit your preferences, and the Clash probably too large. The Re-Clash would fit your preferences more, but honestly the Sleipnir plays so well that I would highly suggest you go with that. It will definitely play quickly, and is very smooth. I don’t play much horizontal, but I can only imagine it would be fine for that too based on it’s shape. It also has pretty good spin times and won’t sell you short in any category. It’s popularity is not misguided.

As far as the CLYW go, by all means go for one of these. The Chief is probably floatier, and may serve you better, I certainly prefer it, but both play very well. However, despite their trendiness, for want of a better word, I still think I would take a Sleipnir, especially with their current reduction in cost due to exchange rates. Their popularity also means you can normally find one at a reasonable price in the BST section.

Hope this is useful - Sleipnir or Chief all the way.

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well, thanks! You helped me with my personal thought. My main 2 were actually a sleipnir and chief, and you helped me keep it that slim. Guess Ill see what can he brought ti club Sunday. Plus, I’ve had my eye on this certain sleipnir on the BST.

Sleipnir. You can buy them new for <$150 shipped these days straight from the source, so it’s a no brainer. That’s sort of the go-to YYR, then if you like that later on you can look into the more unique offerings of theirs, but the Sleipnir is a great starting point, and of course better than any CLYW imo.

Get yourself a General Yo M10. Mine arrived yesterday and I was absolutely blown away.


Or one of the new majesties. I think they’re a step above the m10

They don’t float like a M10 does. Not much floats like that, though.

M10 is an awesome floaty fun throw

Just go by a bunch on the bst, you could probably get 3 nice metals! You dont always need the highest end stuff, I just do because im a collector, but the stiff I usually through is the cheaper stuff



do it.