I have $175: which from sine//saw, summit and chief?


I already have loads of N12s, a v2 ****** majesty, comeback avalanche, JP irony and North Star.

I like:
the super long spin time and forgivingness of the n12 on tricks (the longest spinning yoyos for me, probably due to the large string gap of 4.6 mm and shape),

the weight, speediness and floatiness of my avalanche (my lightest, quickest and floatiest throw, although it doesn’t spin as long as my n12 or majesty during spin tricks, due to me not throwing perfectly I suspect…),

and the buttery smoothness and stability of the majesty (which also boasts long spin times for me).

I have about usd 175 and can probably raise a bit more cash if need be (though I would probably prefer not to if possible!).

Which one or two should I get form these? (I’m leaning towards the Summit and sine//saw, but this will probably be the only time I’ll have enough to get the almighty Chief - is it really still that much better than the other two, despite being around for so long and no longer being the prized 65g weight people rated so highly?).


Sounds like the Chief is a perfect match for you! It’s the most stable throw I’ve ever used, and is extremely long spinning on combos. Get that and an extra pair of snow tires, some string, and maybe another bearing with the rest of the money :slight_smile:


Chief or summit. I’ve never tried the chief, but the summit is one of the best throws I’ve tried. it comes stock with a great bearing (onedrop 10 ball) and amazing response pads (CLWY aqua pads).

My fingers are tired of typing (idk why…) but yah. I’d go summit, plus it has side effects.


I agree with Andy. It definitely sounds like you’re in need of a Chief. :wink:

It isn’t ‘old’ by any means, and if you’re skeptical about the price you can always hit up the BST. You can probably snag one for less than 100. There are plenty of used Chiefs floating around (ha. Chief. Float. Do you see what I did there?). As far as the full retail price for the Chief goes—Well. I don’t think the extra cash is justified in terms of play. I’d put the Chief, Summit (never actually played one), and Sine//Saw in the same tier as far as play is concerned. The Sine//Saw is definitely the best bang for your buck, but that being said, I would gladly pay full price for a Chief.

I think I’ve given you enough to ponder for now, but once again, based on the preferences you gave us, I’d vote for the Chief. You can’t go wrong with any of these throws, however. Good luck with your choice! :slight_smile:


You could snag a chief and sine//saw off the BSt for under $175 easily minus maybe shipping

(kclejeune) #6

You could snag a chief and almost TWO sine saws…


I’ve read that the chief and sine//saw are similar in many respects and that’s why I was thinking to get one from these two and a Summit.

I wouldn’t be averse to getting a chief and a summit the tbh, but I would have to buy them new. Have OCD and can’t buy used.

If the Chief really does feel better/more fun than the sine//saw, I’ll probably go for that with the Summit, but if the sine//saw is genuinely right up there with the chief in terms of feel and performance (spin time and forgiving ness), I’ll manage to save some money! I’m now leaning towards the chief and summit though!


If money difinitely not a problem, get the Chief. Sounds like it suits your preference more… But… It’s not going to play twice as good as the sine//saw since it costs twice as much…


I realised that price is not proportional to play when I got the JP irony and avalanche following the N12!

If the sine//saw and chief are similar in the way they play, there’s no point getting both of those, hence it is either chief and summit or sine//saw and summit.

It’s not as if the money is burning a hole in my pocket either! If I’m going to spend a fair bit of money after the other purchases I have made this year (majesty, avalanche…), I would want the yoyos to play significantly better/different enough to warrant the extra expenditure (I.e. it better play damn amazing after the Majesty!).

Idk… If the chief is the more enjoyable/better throw for certain, even if only by a a smallish amount, I would still go for it…

(kclejeune) #10

Oh duh I didn’t realize you listed the summit as a want. My vote is Summit and Sine//saw


The chief is fun and will adapt to your playstyle… Get it… ;D


Decision is not getting any easier :smiley:


With 175? If u don’t already have a chief BUY ONE NOW!!! It will transform u into a whole new abyss of Yoyoing and if u work via the BST u can easily get 2 from ur list for 175!! So I’d suggest the chief and the summit! I’ve tried ALOT of these high eepnd yoyos and I still think the chief is the best of all by far. Now if u wanna stoop down to the lower levels (in comparison to a chief) of a sine saw and a summit I’d reccomend the summit it’s nice but I’m not so into it but people say great things about it!!! Also if u do buy a chief I’d definelty buy a 7075 version longer spin times and much more stable but if u like lighter yoyos go with the regular!! Well thats my 2 cents!!!


JUST GET A CHIEF. Discussion over… Get it… Now… Go…


Right… Done. I’m ordering the chief and a summit.

Thank you!

(kclejeune) #16

You will love them both. The chief is second place next to the summit for me! Chief ties arctic circle…


I ordered the Summit and a Hulk Smash Fade Chief!



You will not be disappointed.


Where you get hulk smash fade chief?


I’m not sure i am allowed to quote the store name, but it was the main one in the UK with a ‘z’ at the end of it’s name.

They had one left in stock (chief XI run, Hulk Smash Fade Chief), which I managed to get. I think it is a 6061 chief weighing 66g like the rest in the eleventh run, but I haven’t seen a hulk smash fade anywhere else(?). They still have a picture of it on their website…