Help me pick out a CLYW throw

Hey guy so it’s getting to be near Christmas and I want wanting some recommendations for a CLYW throw. I’ve only had experience with two caribou yoyos (puffin and summit)and I need some help on recommendations.

Here’s what I’ve been looking at:
-Glacier Express

Thanks for the help!

Personally I would wait until CLYW releases its new bonfire but I believe that the BVM2 and the arctic circle are must haves.

Hope this helps :wink:

I’ll second the arctic circle

When is the bonfire gonna be released? And what’s good about the arctic circle?

Next month clyw is releasing the Arctic circle 2 , the puffin 2 and the bonfire all of which look amazing i would go with one of them but honestly you cant really go wrong with and clyw pick what your drawn to the most

And I’ll second the BvM2.

Oh and there also releasing a gnawhal 2 so you have a lot to choose from bvm2 is a really nice throw

Arctic Circle or BvM2 IMHO since you don’t want a Chief. I will say the Cliff is a beautiful throw though. I have one, it is a little bit too big for my tastes but it is very attractive.