Bonfire or Aftershock


I like medium to fast pace and a mix of floaty and solid. I also like finger spins, 5a, and rejections.


You can’t do fingerspins on either of them, but the Aftershock seems more competition oriented to me

(G2 Jake) #3

You can on the Aftershock.


Oh, I didn’t know that

Then he should definitely get the Aftershock :smiley:


I don’t see anything about the Bonfire that would disallow fingerspins. Maybe it’s not optimized for them, but you should be able to do them.

I can fingerspin on a Cascade for crying out loud. :smiley:

(2Sick Joey) #6

You can fingerspins on most yoyos especially a metal. I can fingerspin a diffusion lol. Some yoyos are advertised for fingerspin ability but having played both anything is capable on them. I prefer the aftershock though. Great blend of floaty and solid, awesome play and dead smooth.


yeah, I think I’d go with the aftershock. looks like a great throw with break specs, plus its a g2 so you know its gonna be good. and as far as the bonfire goes, good luck trying to find one that’s not outrageously overpriced, if you can even find one at all.

keep us updated with what you end up deciding to get. :slight_smile:

(Owen) #8

If it’s not a price issue get the bonfire.


I did a kohta (sp?) on my friend’s Bonfire a few days ago… Not “easy” per se but not impossible.


I have an easier time finger spinning on my Bonfire than on my Quake. I have no idea how the Aftershock plays. I do intend to purchase an Aftershock when they are available because G2 has proven itself to make outstanding and unique yoyos and the Quake quickly became a daily throw.

I also love my Bonfire. I know people still like to complain about Vibe, etc…but my first run Bonfire is/was probably the smoothest out of the box CLYW I’ve ever thrown and it remains so to this day. It’s beautiful and fun. I can’t imagine going wrong with either throw. I’d say go with whichever is available and/or whichever color shape you prefer because they’re both top notch.


Aftershock for sure. I just got a Bonfire, and I think it is extremely overrated. I’m odd though. I’ve tried quite a few CLYW’s, and I don’t seem to like their most popular throws, except the Puffin. I love my Aftershock.


Finger spin on the Bonfire is easy

(Amplified) #13

How much is Aftershock? Looks like a smaller HOT or like Qauke. Seems interesting.


I got the bonfire and it’s incredibly smooth and great for 1a


I ended up getting both. The Bonfire is my first CLYW and I also picked up a Aftershock after really enjoying my Co-Lab as a chill throw and the Albatross.

(G2 Jake) #16

Talk about a good mail day. Which color AS did you snag


Picked up the berries and cream. Ill post more about it tomorrow I hope.

(Rock Shouse) #18

I picked up a bonfire and an aftershock and I’d call it a tie…can’t wait to get a Bassline 2 to compare them all! Heh!