Looking to Buy Another Throw

So, I am looking to get another yoyo and I have been looking at a few big ones, old ones, and weird ones as well.

I am posting this poll to see which ones you prefer.

The Bonfire is pretty hyped up and it plays well (I’ve thrown one), but I don’t know if I should get one.
The Oxy Hyperion, lately, has been sounding really really good, but the price is crazy, so I’d search the BST for this one.
The MVP also sounds like a decent throw, but again, I would have to scan the BST for this yoyo.
The Monster looks like a fun yoyo because of it’s width.
The Space Cowboy is very popular and good for 5A (which I enjoy doing).
The Gradient looks really nice as well.
The Format!C sounds really good too.

I just can’t make up my mind, so what do you guys like best.

Space Cowboy!

get TA’s new too hot colorway…

Cowboy for everything. Bonfire if you want chill.

As cool as it is, I already have a TooHot and don’t care for multiples. However, if I win the prize TooHot, I will be extremely happy to keep it.

I’m selling a Hyperion :slight_smile:

Check out my BST :slight_smile:

Get the Format: C, It’s Amazing!. The Gradient is also really nice, good for improving your speed. The Space cowboy is nice and powerful, good for 5a, but it didn’t really feel very fun or unique to me.