Recommendation for next throw

Looking for a new throw soon for 1a play. Really love my too hot and gradient. Might like my too hot more. Full size preferred. Haven’t played too much. Liked the way genesis plays as well although i didnt know many tricks at the time. Also played the markmont and benchmark. Benchmark was nice for the price but it wasn’t love. Trying to keep it under 130 but will buy a used throw if you suggest something more expensive. Would really like a high end throw but can’t afford it so wouldn’t mind buying a nice used one.

Space Cowboy! Yes, do it!

are they that nice? I was considering a clyw since everyone talks about them.,85177.0.html
This puffin 2 is a decent price,85072.0.html
same for this bu2r

If you’re buying a new throw the space cowboy is a great option though

Was thinking about the puffin, gnarwal, and od summit. Don’t know anything about other brands other that yyf, od and clyw.

Would you said the too hot and gradient to be a heavier and more stable yoyo? Floaty? Which ever they are, would be nice to try the reverse.

Yoyofactory Cyborg 2.0.
Rebellion Butcher.
Yoyofactory Space Cowboy.
Yoyofactory VKSS.