Recommendations for a $100+ yoyo

Hi, I’m looking to purchase a new yoyo. I have a budget of $100+ and any company is fine. Thanks for the help.

What are you preferences? Pretty much anything you choose will be amazing, but I love the Space Cowboy.

Yes please tell us a bit more about yoyo’s you currently own which ones you like more etc. That will really help us when recomending stuff

Yoyorecreation draupnir or something slasher come to mind. Maybe a palpitation or schneider mk2. Just go with whatever looks good to you. You can post what you like in here and we can tell you if it’s good or not but a lot of it will come down to preferences.

Well so far I have a CLYW bonfire, horizon and genesis. The space cowboy and vkss seem to play well. I’m also wondering about the One drop format:C and summit. Maybe also C3 dymension. I want a solid throw that is really stable. Nothing really floaty. Probably a V-shape or W-shape.

From my experience, if you want a solid trow that is stable; here is a few that I,ve owned/played with:

.Diamond Noir Celestial 2.0
. Turning Point Positron, Palpitation
. Yoyorecreation Laser
. Yoyofactory Space cowboy
. Yoyostudiolama Mijolnir
*Pretty much anything that you buy over the $100 price range would be amazing :smiley:

Well if you want something super stable, the BerserkerSS is probably one of the most stable throws you can get! My fave is the Palpitation, super stable, amazing spins and really fun. cant go wrong with both of those

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You can’t go wrong with the Onedrop Valor.

Just to complicate the situation, I recommend the eternal throw Elysium. :slight_smile:

I tried the spacecowboy, slashed and Beserker ss. GET BERSERKER SS PERIOD.

any turning point with the specs you like
it is not a coincidence TP throwers always look so calm and confident on stage. period

my ~$100 yoyos:
-Berserker SS
-TP Leviathan 5

  • OD Valor ( on the way)
    so far, all are very good for me especially berserker ss :slight_smile:
    their latest run of berserker ss come with blasted finish

Thanks to everyone that helped out. I don’t want to spend over $200 and since I live in Canada, the Beserker SS costs more than that. Due to this issue, I think I will just buy the space cowboy.

No. Get the VK SS.

YES!!! VK SS!!!

On a side note, which one is “better”, OD Valor or YYF Space Cowboy?


Maybe a Sasquatch