New throw recommendation...


It’s about time to look for a new yoyo, but there are many pretty cool things out there… Here a short list of what I have in mind…
YYO Musket
OD Gradient (have no spec & don’t know when it will be available), T1 & Cascade
Vosun Aethyr
YYF SHU-TA (is it beadblasted?)

… The last one is currently on the 1st position as I am already having a look at the Shutter since it is out and I am still in love with my MVP2 7075…
In advance thanks a lot for your advice/thoughts…!


All are good throws. Only one I’m not sure on would be the vosun

What’s your price range and what are you looking for in the yoyo? Would make things easier

Other throws in the similar price range I’d consider would be:
Ocatve 1st gen
werrd 86400
tenyoyo bebop
Yoyomonster material
Duncan Torque


Thanks sparhawk!
I am looking for a stable yoyo that spins for a long time! Full size first but not strictly.
Budget would be up to 100 bucks… But If I get a pretty good yoyo for less, it’s also cool!


I’d probly make my choice between the shu-ta and octave 1st gen

Maybe also consider the Aviator. I’ve heard those are crazy stable

more throws worth consideration:
Level 6
Benchmark H
Tre 2k13


$100 would be enough to get a Shutter and a YYO Musket, with a few bucks left over. Just saying, is all.

I would maintain that the Shutter actually deserves all the praise it’s received. And while the Musket doesn’t attract nearly as much attention, it’s an item I’ve been thinking of buying, myself.

There are many sub-$75 throws available these days, which play absolutely superbly and in many cases even look great. Any one of them, and a 100-pack of Fat Kitty string, would fall well within your budget, and give you all the “hardware” needed to handle even the highest levels of competition (or simply to enjoy yoyoing).

Seriously, we’re currently blessed with an embarrassment of excellent, affordable throws. You say you want stable? Heck, no problem with that requirement. You want long spinning? Please! These days, nearly any decent yoyo will spin - assuming you do your part - for what would just a few years ago have been deemed an insanely long time.


Chik is so good


I’d go with the Gradient when it drops if I were you, looks like there’s a lot of potential in that throw. And One Drop has been really stepping up their game with high quality competition-level yoyos and I’d expect no less from the Gradient