best $0-$60 throw


Suggest me the yoyo
My criteria:
-spin for days
-suitable for fast/slack play
-good both at vertical and horizontal play
-not too wide, max is 46mm


I’d probly go for the benchmark H or the accelerator

(major_seventh) #3

I’d love a $0 throw.


i just heard some issues that accelerator spin for short time?




Look at the YYF Cypher ($52). It has become my favorite throw.


YoyoFactory Shutter!


YYO Orbis


thin string+thin response= no problm


How wides the horizon? If that’s in your preferred width range, it spins forever!


The Orbis is amazing. The benchmarks are also great.


Like said in the other threads get a YYO Musket


Or get on the BST and have patience and pretty much anything 0-140$ will pop up at the price of you wait long enough


i already have musket, amazing throw need other