$60~ Throw for a friend? Recommendations?

My friend is getting interested in getting back to yoyoing, and asked for the best throw at the $60 range

YYF Horizon

Anything by YoYofficer, specifically Aura if you can find one, or an Orbis, those are great. Heard great things about the Hatchet as well, though I’ve yet to try one.

Also Duncan Barracuda’s are on sale right now for $65 if you’re willing to go a little bit over budget

I guess I just threw whatever out there…but there are sooooo many good throws that fall into that price.

The new Whimsy Roar, the ever popular YYF Shutter, C3 Accelerator, Something Versus, One Drop Benchmarks. etc etc etc.

But if they are just getting back into it, get something off the Buy/Sell forum. A potential $100 throw for $60 would be nice. :slight_smile:

Since I know you already know how good it is…Pulsefire!

When it comes to retail I can’t suggest Pulsefire, Shutter or Cypher strongly enough.

On the BST you might be able to snag him a YYR or even 2 great mint YYFs for $60.

Was thinking pulse fire, but for some reason thought it was sold out on the main site xD
Now I’m thinking pulse fire, torque, orbis, or possibly shutter :slight_smile:

The best in that price range is the C3yoyodesign Accelerator.

Orbis or accelerator, both are way better than a shutter