Im looking for a really good yoyo in the 60-70$ price range. There's a ton of really great yoyo's in that range and I just simply can't decide. If you could give me some suggestions on some real great throws Id gladly accept it. (BTW I like undersized throws but not so “mini” like the mighty flea.) I play 1a and 5a =))) :slight_smile:


If someone wants to sell or something I’d be glad to but, I’m in the Philippines. And the cost for the mail from the US to here is so expensive.

a used throw would be nice in that price range, it’s a weird price range, there are throws in there sure but you’re above the “budget” metals and slightly below the high end ones

maybe I’d give the onedrop cafe racer a go, for $10 more you can get it with a 10 balls bearing and I’m pretty confident that it’s a very good throw

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or maybe you could try a yuuksta, its around 50mm, feels nice and it can grind. Or maybe another one of there yoyos around 65$ they’re all great.

Oscillatriz just came out and looks awesome :slight_smile: Have one on the way, if ya want i can give ya a quick review when it gets here. Other yuuksta, cafe racer look promising. For a bit cheaper you can get the atmosphere, easily the longest spinning and just about the most stable yoyo i have, does play heavy but i heard its great for 5a and i love it for 1a.