A cheap yoyo

I need several choices cheap yoyos ~ 20$ Im thinking Magicyoyo or something similar
They have to be high end throws. I currently throw a REALLY beat up L4( Luminous), a Roadster, and a Photon Spirit, so the budget yoyo has to be equal or better than those. I like yoyos with stacks but yoyos without them is ok.

Any Magic yoyo is a great choice :slight_smile:

Thats all your going to get “high end” for $20.

High end refers to $100-$155 ish.

I had a T5, which was very, very good. The N5 is interesting. I’ve heard great things about the N12, but I’ve never used one.

Get a speedoholic!One of the best throws for that price

There is one I bought from china on ebay for $13 called the yoyofamily Zeus that’s REALLY good, but it’s from china. If not, by a magicyoyo; I own a n6 and it plays about Protostar level.

The duncan Flipside my friend…best yoyo i’ve ever thrown

I can recommend things but I do not know whether I’m allowed to be promoting bootleg yoyos publicly on the forum