Looking for a chill yoyo

So for Christmas I got 180 dollars since the rest of my family knows nothing about yo-yos. I would like a stable, solid and calm yoyo but I don’t have any bias towards any other types. I have yet to buy any OneDrop or CLYW so either would be cool to add to my collection as well.

Ive heard that the puffin is kinda like that.

One Drop 54 with brass side effects.

When I think of chill yoyo the canvas comes to mind.

I would recommend the Cascade. It’s not the most stable, but it’s a great relaxing throw.

Gnarwhal 2 or Benchmark O.

If you were looking to get the best bang for the buck, get one of each of the benchmarks that come out next release unless you know specifically you like one specific type over the others. ( O, H or V types)

Werrd Irony JP. I know that isn’t a Onedrop or CLYW but it is magnificent.

Any version of the Genesis is the chillest. They’re like frozen.

As far as recent retail releases go…If you want to spend over $100 I would suggest a Bonfire. If you want to spend under $100 I would suggest a Benchmark or Yeti. Puffin and Cascade are both great options too, though if I went with one of those I’d definitely pick it up off the BST instead of retail. I haven’t thrown any of the Benchmarks yet but I own all the other ones I mentioned. I’m in love with the Bonfire right now, the Cascade is one of my all time favorites, and the Puffin is great but if my goal was just chill, solid, stable, calm, I’d go with the Yeti. If you’re intent on spending all $180 then I’d get either Bonfire+Yeti, all 3 Benchmarks, 2 Benchmarks+Yeti or Cascade+Puffin on BST (and likely have a few bucks let over).

Tons of other great throws out there, I stuck with OD and CLYW since that’s what you mentioned.

Werrd 86400. It’s more stable than my Cliff at a better price

Dang this is a hard choice. Seriously Dang. DANG

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I own a new genesis and I adore it. I was looking at the yeti this morning and it placed it self pretty high on my list. I’d like to keep some cash but that’s already hard for me. If I didn’t just want clyw and od what else would you guys recommend?

Ok so personally I have played high end metals like One Drop and CLYW. They were good, but personally there wasn’t a huge wow factor there for me. I felt that if I was paying over $100 for a yoyo, then it should be amazing. The chief for me was ok, BVM2 was worse, benchmarks are ok and interesting, but for me the yoyo that I am enjoying the most is my Magic Yoyo n12 Shark Honor. It may get hate for being cheaply made in China (there are whole threads debating this matter) but there is no doubt that it is an amazing yoyo. You may be totally different and not like it at all. Even if you do get a very high quality yoyo, if you have $30 left over you should pick it up. Just my 2 cents

I totally get what you are saying Darkscism and I actually play the N12 quite a bit too.

But with that said, I still really like my Summit and Yelets, and also play them a lot too. Are they considerably better due to price? Definitely no, however I think they are still worth the price cause I was more than willing to buy them and enjoy them just the same.

When I ding the N12 I kind of go, “eh, oh well” but when I dinged my Summit I went “AHHHHH DAMNIT…oh well lol”.

So…I forgot about the Yeti…hell get the Puffin 2 when it comes out and the Yeti.

Well I really like the OD x CLYW Summit I also like The OD cascade The CLYW avalanche is also good

I havent tried any of the OD bench marks yet but they look like a good way to get a good yoyo for a low price

I have tried the yeti and it is a really good plastic I really want 1

^ those are just my suggestion everyone is different so maby those arent the yoyos for you but those are just some of the throws that I like

Then I guess you’re set haha, my pink Luis genesis is all I would ever ask for.

I say to go hunt around bst for something.
But for an individual one, I think te summit would be pretty cool.
Or you could get a yeti and rally, IMO the two best plastics of 2013

Buy yourself an H5xChief. Seriously one of the coolest jos out there. I love every chance I have to play one. Really floaty and fun for its size.

This yoyo is pretty chill