Looking for a chill yoyo

Haha that’s really … Cool. I ordered a broken heart Sakura se and I want to find some brass side effects.

I like how everyone posted a different throw :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a Broken Hearts Sakura SE and enjoy it quite a bit. Very fun undersized yoyo. Please come back and let us know your thoughts on it after it arrives in the mail.

you got it! I figured I’ve got enough full sized yo-yos and the Sakura looked awesome so I got it :slight_smile:

Well, most of the Spin Dynamics yoyos are quite chill, the Smooth MOVE and monkey fist is undersized as well. They’re making another run of all of them, I believe. But there are a few SmoothMoves left. (Just saying, their FLOW is very nice, and with a name like flow, you know it’s chill. I’ve used all of the Spin Dynamics)

I’d have to say the OneDrop Burnside would be the perfect ‘lazy’ yoyo. Incredibly stable, very forgiving, and just throwing it gives such an amazingly calm vibe. Perfect for those half-assed yoyo days :slight_smile:

It is magnificent but I don’t think it’s very chill ;D
More like hardcore competition

Has anybody put different side effects in a Sakura?