Christmas yoyo

Christmas is coming and I need a yoyo to put on my Christmas list. I currently have the shutter, super g, g-funk, and dv888. I am looking for something with a little different of a shape than the first three i listed. I would also like to try a brand different from yyf. My parents would like to keep the cost below $60 if possible. Thanks for any suggestions. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

rallys pretty sweet, i tried one at worlds this year, personally liked the yeti better but its hard to get one/the price fluctuates.

I have the shutter and Rally on my list. Both under $50 :slight_smile: both equally amazing.

Werrd Minute.

“Shooting for the moon” isotope…

Most of the yoyoofficer series fits this price range and they have some amazing stuff coming to yye soon. Check out their thread in the manufacturer section and you can get an idea of their stuff

They have something to fit just about any preference

Werrd EightySix-400, I would try to explain how good it is but it’s still more capable than I am

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Thanks for the suggestions and yoyo officer looks great especially the aura… any preference for yoyo officer yoyos?

I would snag an Aura. Looks killer and ready for competition.

I have zero experience with any of them [YYO]. All I can say is that if you told me, “Buy a YYO today,” I would plunk my money down on a Hatchet. :slight_smile:

Any of the Werrd Time series.

I’d personally go with one of their newer throws but that might be because the auro doesn’t really fit my preferences

anything by yoyofficer
or the werrd 86400 its a little more but totally worth it

Go up 2 dollars and you can get a Theory.