Most Relaxed CLYW in production

As the title said, what is the most relaxed playing CLYW that I can get right now? I’ve got my eye on the chief and puffin. There is also a couple marmots on the bst too so those can be considered.



The summit and puffin are pretty chill. Cliff is. GE sorta is.

In my opinion the chief or summit. They’re both pretty chill.

““Noob Question”” what exactly would make a yoyo “chill”?^^ just asking since i dont own a lot of yoyos and i m still learning about the differences in all of them. So how does a chill yoyo play?

It’s a yoyo that let’s you play relaxed and is just fun. Usually floaty yoyos that are decent in most categories or a throw you just happen to be comfortable. I only have 2 throws. My puffin and summit are both pretty chill.

Yes I agree with this the Canvas is super relaxed.

I’ll agree with Canvas, though they aren’t currently “in production” so to speak. Or maybe they are and we just don’t know about it. I’ve really been grooving with my Yeti lately. It’s easy to go with the flow with that throw.

Ok I’ll see if I can find a canvas after I get a reasonable amount of money. . I’ve been looking at finally getting a higher end plastic so I have been looking at reviews for the yeti and rally. I’ve seen that then yeti is more of this style than the rally. Is this true?


Chief or canvas without a doubt. Chief if you want a throw that is super floaty and fun and light. Canvas if you want pure fun and soul.

The gnarwhal and the puffin are pretty dang chill.

so they are not as fast, but control well to make it less “stressful”? so is that what people mean when they talk about competition yoyos? competition yoyos are very quick and are built for that, and relaxed yoyos are built for slower and more “smooth” play?
just wondering because i right now just have competition yoyos (barracuda,genesis,MYY T5(?) ) and I´m wondering if a more chill yoyo would be good for me

the y don’t have to be slow. My puffin actually plays really fast. Yes, these throws do have control. I really think that it’s the floatiness of the yoyo that makes it fun. Lastly, I’d probably say that relaxed play is smoother but not necessarily slow. You don’t really do long combos rather than just a few tricks and transitions.

Cliff for your more extreme shapes(one of my favorites.) Puffin if you want a comfy shape.

Puffin by far. Runner ups would be the Canvas and Peak.

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I think the chillest, most relaxed, most indolent throw among the family is the Puffin. Pure joy with that throw and just seems to float wherever you’re mind yearns it to go.