What's Your Favorite "Relax" YoYo?

What do you pick up when you just want to relax?

2Sickyoyos 7075 Gambit. Slow, floaty, chilled out goodness.

CLYW Puffin comes a close second. Fun little fellow. :smiley:

Yyf shutter, or clyw puffin 2.

Mine is the YYF Derlin Severe.

YYF Genesis+
YYF Roll Model
Duncan Strix

All of the yoyos.

Square Wheels Royale w/ cheeezzeeeee

G2 Triton

Oh come now Greg, we all know how much you love your Puffin. :wink:

Summit, so quiet and smooth that it can put me to sleep


Canvas and puffin.


Avalanche Summit Or Cascade

True fact!

Guess I meant that I’m always just chilling and relaxing when I yoyo. I don’t know how to yoyo frenetically. :wink:

I do love that Puffin. And Puffin 2. And Gambit. And Pacquiao… Smooth Move… etc. :wink:

Bonfire or bvm2. Or puffin 2

Probably my old ones I used to learn on like my stackless grind machine… It’s a fun little Yoyo for the price.

Cascade by far


SPIN DYNAMICS Smooth Move and a CLYW x ONEDROP Summit

Both chill and quite smooth