whats your favorite yoyo

mine is the dv888

Eighty-Six 400

Werrd Poo, it’s super comfortable, and plays nicely, great fun

Currently the Shutter.
Last month the Arctic Circle.
Few months ago the Irony JP.
Few years ago the Superstar.

Mine right now is my cafe racer. Hoping to pick up a clyw sometime soon tho to see if I like them.

Mines got to be the shutter at the moment it’s so good but it’s very closely followed by a onestar

Right now the Bear v. Man 2.

Watevur im throwin lol


Right now, either the Canvas or prestige

Prestige or Yeti

I’ll give a shout out to my DM II.
The things like another limb to me.

Crucial Heavy Cream
I bought it from Paul Yath in person =D

Something undersized and heavy. Dash, yelets, t6 rainbow…

Messiah! ;D

Right now I’m lovin’ my YoYoeXpert Edition Duncan Barracuda. Duncan’s back in the game!

Onedrop Rally

At the moment it is the CLYW Glacier Express (Fools Gold). I have it in an amazing ash berry blizzard colorway that blows my mind.

Been splitting time very evenly between Puffin, Prestige, and Krown. Make me pick one today, and it’ll be the Prestige.

Hmmm… I wonder why there is a “fav. YoYo” option on our profile.
But anyway supernova