Relaxed YoYo´s


there was a post like this a few days ago, but that was just for CLYW throws, so i m sorry for the semi repost.
So I´m looking for a relaxing, chill and fun yoyo that plays great. Since i dont have a lot of experience with a lot of yoyos i would just like some recommendations from you guys.

thanks :slight_smile:


I would go with a onedrop cafe racer or cascade.


agree with the cascade, also the cliff, dark magic 2, and dv888 are some relaxing yoyos


i didn’t think of the cliff, but yeah.




most yoyos that are heavier will fit the relaxed throw feel since they just tend to run slower. I myself find that heavy organic throws fit this best which would be something like the ywet or canvas

(kclejeune) #7

Yeah this… The puffin can be pretty chill too… As can the Chief… And the cascade.