Looking for a slow/ponderous/heavy throw


In the past few years I’ve enjoyed throwing yoyos like the Stealth Ogre (original) and the SPYY El Ranchero.

They were bigger, heavier yoyos that moved slower than most (well, for me, anyway!) and were incredibly stable.

I’ve heard about the Masamaxx…which is probably too much more than I’m looking for…but looking for some recommendations among the yoyos you’ve thrown that play slower and heavier.

Doesn’t have to actually be a heavy yoyo if it plays slowly, I suppose, though those 2 qualities often go together.

Looking for metal, but wouldn’t mind plastic/hybrid suggestions, at all.



cypher is really good, although tchotchkie is even better if you can find one


OD Downbeat


+1 for the downbeat really fun and slow and heavy. Also the recess vacation is really fun slow yoyo that is not that heavy but plays like it is really heavy. like it plays heavy on the string but I don’t think it is actually that heavy spec wise.


Thank you all - I’ll definitely look those up!


I mean if you want heavy, you could get a c3 BTH. It just doesn’t spin that long, though…


What do you all think of the Heavy Hitter series from Chico?

Or, the Yomega Glide? I don’t think it is heavy, but I think (ha) I heard somewhere that it plays rather slow. I’ll try and dig up more info on that…

(btw, both in-production and out-of-production recommendations are great)


44rpm blues