What's your favorite heavy yoyo?

I don’t mean the ones u can’t do any tricks with because they’re so heavy. I mean the ones that move with authority and are smooth and steady.

Probably my DM2, it’s my only heavy yoyo…

The Amplifier is pretty hefty and man is it smooth.

SuperG and Macrocosm

My Sasquatch is a blast to throw.

Yeah, I’ve heard the Sasquatch is really good

Definitely the Sasquatch.

Would Yomega Highspeed Maverick count?

Bandit, Pyro, Ronin, Juvenile Offender, Wedgie.

E=Mc^2. At 69 grams I didn’t think I would like it at all, but man does it move!

Playmaxx isotope… Its an unresponsive cold fusion made of steel… Its over 200g… Its so fun to play xDD

YYR 44Clash and Dreadnought G

Hspin Envy.
picture relevant.

My YYR Gleipnir.

The only thing better than an Avalanche.

Magic YoYo Desperado, the thing is 70 grams with a small diameter and wide width. It’s actually to much at times.

Counter Attack. 69 grams. If it counts? ;D

H5xchief is the best!!!

Sasquatch all the way!

And yet several people on the DM3 thread were asking for it to be heavier! Wackos…

Probably my Chaser. Heavy and fun.