I need help deciding on yoyos!!

Im not sure what i can tell you that aides you in knowing my preferences so if there is anything you need to know to make a recommendation just ask!

-i dont like super speedy or light throws

  • i dont like yoyos that are very unstable
  • i generally like heavier throws 66-69gm

G2: Quake or 7075 Nessie
YYJ: regular red or ghost dm2?
MFD: Lesula or Evil yo
Recrev: Sine Saw @ or Freq wave
SPYY: Which SPYY throw should i get?
DS: Wrath or Pride
yomega: Prodigy or glide?
SW: royale or rex or rockefeller

I plan to keep this thread going for awhile so if you have tons of reccomedations or even just one!
Id love to hear em!

The prodogy is very good and fits your discription but I the dm2 is another very good option

Given those preferences I can’t help but recommend a Sturm Panzer Stealth Ogre. It is the most stable yoyo I’ve ever thrown, but is certainly not oriented towards fast play. It is a relaxed but incredibly precise yoyo, with spin times that go on for ever. I think you could even find one on the BST right now if you were so inclined. Happy throwing.

Shutter. IDK its weight but it fits the other 2 preferences

Guys, I’m looking to buy one of the yoyos from each company I listed and from the ones I listed!

Thanks again!

My apologies, If you’re limiting yourself to those then my recommendation would be a Wrath. It performs very nicely for the price point and has a good finish. My only concern for you might be that I felt (my opinion only) that it played a touch lighter than the specs. However, a superb overall throw.

To me that’s SCREAMING Werrd EightySix-400, even if it’s not on your list.

G2: Quake
YYJ:ghost dm2
MFD: Forte
Recrev: Octave 1
SPYY: Ranchero
DS: Wrath
yomega: Prodigy
SW: rex

Help guys!

Wrath all day

Have you tried a pride?

The SPYY orbitron I recently got (as in 3 days ago) and I’m loving this thing it sleeps forever is really stable and is just a fun Yoyo all around.

Speaking of that- Happy belated birthday!

For MFD, if you don’t like light throws and it’s only between those two, you’d have to go for the Evil-Yo. The Lesula is both literally light and light-feeling. The Evil-Yo has a bit more determination to it.

For SPYY, the Pro or the El Ranchero are my recommendations. I haven’t tried an Amplifier.

Great ill go with the evilyo then thank u

MFD just announced a new throw as well

What’s it called? Specs? Pics?


G2: Quake - One of the best new releases yet.
YYJ: Ghost DMII - Red is overdone and the Ghost looks better anyways.
MFD: Lesula or Evil yo - Neither
Recrev: Freq wave - Although any of them are equally as good.
SPYY: Which SPYY throw should i get? - Get a SPYY Pro, or something else full sized.
DS: Wrath
yomega: Prodigy or glide? Neither.
SW: royale or rex or rockefeller Neither.

It’s called the APE-X and it’s $100

You can see it on their website under the blog