Recomend a new throw

I have been slinging a yo-yo for 16 years. 14 years ago I was even a yo-yo instructor, but I stopped playing except once or twice a year until recently. I picked up my yo-yos again when I learned about the new ways to play. I picked up my first unresponsive about 8 month ago, a DM2. and Quickly added a YYF 888x to my collection.

I want to add to my collection and continue to increase my play level. I have been looking at several models to add to my collection and wanted to see what y’all have to say about them, or if you have any other recommendations.

I’m looking at:

YYF Genisis
YYF Yuuksta
YYF SuperNova
YYF Chaotic
RecRev Facade
String Theory Remnant 2
and Spin Dynamics Monkey Fist

I’m a 1A player, looking for a stable throw for lots of string trick combos.

Thanks for your help.


Also considering a Code 2 Nautilus

A friend has a Facade: Sweet!

We both have Code2’s. Excellent. I have a second that I put the disc side effects in and I like that a lot better.

I have a dv888, I think you might want better, but it’s still good. I like it, but it’s not one I play all the time. It’s kinda small and dense, and it plays a tad heavy, but that’s to be expected. It’s still a good throw, definitely well worth the money.

I won’t talk about the others. No experience with them, nor are they on my wants list.

I haven’t thrown it but I heard the facade is pretty sweet. I do own a No. 9 which is insanely stable as well and the Facade reminds me of the No. 9’s shape. Also own an SCLB (somewhere, gotta find it)…RecRev makes some nice stuff!

C3yoyodesign Capless. It’s beautiful ::).

Definitely Genesis. it’s epic

Look at the C3 Di Base and Capless. Edit: Scratch the Di Base. Get a Capless. You wont regret it.

Rather than just saying yo-yos that are enjoyable, why not ask for what Lynx is looking for in a new yoyo. Otherwise, the list will grow, not shrink.

The 888 is a very undersized yoyo. It doesn’t have the stability that other larger diameter yo-yos have. on the other hand, it is very comfortable, and as long as you are aware of what you are doing, you can play fine.

I never had a DM or DMII, but they are larger yo-yos. I would expect that you would like to go after a full metal yoyo. I don’t have too much to say though, because I never tried one so I can’t say how it feels in comparison.

I would recommend you try other companies than YYF and YYJ. SPYY and CLYW are two really trustworthy canadian companies that have wonderful costumer service and amazing throws. Generalyo is probably the most precisely made yoyo company, started by an aerospace engineer based in California. Recrev also is based in CA. I have talked to the owners of both companies and they are all nice guys with good yo-yos. the only problem with Generalyo is that they sell out way to fast.

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I have some experience with
YYF DV888-thrown
YYF Genisis- thrown
YYF Yuuksta- thrown
YYF SuperNova- thrown
String Theory Remnant 2- owned

From your list I would recommend the supernova or code 2. Supernova is a great yoyo and I have read so many great reviews about the code 2. I couldn’t go without talking about my current (about 7 months) all time favorite the Code 1. It’s awesome. A few awesome yoyos that you can’t go wrong with I would say are; supernova,code 2, code 1, chief.
also the remnant 2 is pretty good. I just don’t like undersized because they are usually not as stable as bigger yoyos

If you like a stable undersized throw the monkey fist may be the most stable I have thrown on your list. I like a larger yoyo but have thrown some of the undersized on your list. Yuuksta is enjoyable and I don’t know why but every dv888 I have thrown has left a bad taste in my mouth. I would explain to the masses what you like about the throws you have and what you think they are missing. Like said before opinions will only make the list grow without direction. Good luck with your choice. Additionally I LOVE my Chaotic it gets a little heavy on the string but plays FOREVER.