I've got $100. It's burning a hole in my pocket.

What should I get (your personal favorite)?

YoYoTrap Helium.
Now my #1 choice for performances, over both ironyJPs, AC2, L5, triad, and watnot.
Im also officially more comfortable throwing this than the speeder2 lol go figure.
And all this is just with the vibey one that I have.

888 will always be a personal favorite. although not a top performer, its hella smooth and a blast to throw.

I just got my first 888 ('07 Classic reissue) and I am absolutely loving this yoyo. Not sure why it took so long to get around to owning one. So very good.

I was so close to owning one.

For pure performance get the Code 2. If you want something fun but still a good performer get the Cascade.

I’ve heard good things about the 2sickyoyos Queen but I haven’t tried it myself

I have played an 07 but I only own 888x’s. My only complaint has been that there’s not enough rim weight. I bought O-rings at home depot that fit snugly inside the rims, and bump its weight up to 74g’ish.

What about the superstar classic? It
Looks so cool with the red/black acid wash…

I have 3 original superstars, one in green acid wash, one red acid wash, and the last one is mirror polished raw. They look amazing, and play the same. Personally I find a superstar to be really fast for its weight, and it is rock-stable.

2sickyoyos Queen (Although I’m a bit biased)

Kind of hard to suggest things without knowing what kind of throw you are looking for. Some specifics as far as size, light/heavy, wide/narrow, floaty/solid, etc. would help suggest more accurately.

Well, I’m looking for something with a wider shape, and stability and spin times are nice too. Hubstacks are preferable. Something heavy, but not like a rock.

You just described a One Drop Code 2, except the Hubstacks. But it does have side effects ;D

I would probably go for a CLYW Gnarwhal 2. There happens to be one here for the low price of $74+shipping :wink: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,78367.msg883344.html#msg883344

Even though i was advertising my thread there it actually is a great yoyo i reccomend getting whether its from me or someone else. WAY underrated.

The Code 2 is really good. Feels a little too beefy for my tastes though.

Chief! Can’t go wrong with a Chief. Try to find one though.

Does it have to be new or can it be used?

For new this seems like your best option:

I would prefer it to be new.

OD Gradient or the forthcoming Markmont Classic!

For a rock stable throw, with hubstacks, for $100, I really don’t think you can get better than the Stacked Genesis that Sparkhawk posted.

The old Superstar is a great throw, however it’s a tad on the narrow side and the mid-walled, which isn’t a problem but it’s something to bear in mind when thinking about whether it’d be ideal for your style of play. That being said, I love mine so perhaps you’ll love it as well, I just feel that the Genesis edges it out in terms of stability.

If we are just talking new yo-yos that are brand new in a box and $100 or less, I would have to say either the Gradient or T1. Coming up $10 to $20 opens up more choices for you but those two are rock solid and sub $100.