I've got $100. It's burning a hole in my pocket.

I would try to find an Eternal Throw Elysian on the b/s/t! It’s my favorite throw now, I can’t put it down!(Alright maybe I did to write this)
Its soooooo good, good enough that I’m about to trade for a second one!

I have an Elysian in my BST( in my signature) if you are interested. I could go $100 for it

Am I crazy or was the starting price for Elysians $100?

122 for ano’d 102 for clear ano at retail

if your looking for a wide gap go with the ten yoyo whet whistle the thing is amazing! and it comes in a raw for eighty bucks so you have enough to go get something small afterwards.

Forgive my extreme noobness, but what is the difference?

One is clear the rest aren’t.

Coloured or clear coat

So it’s purely esthetic?

I don’t think it was colour vs. clear.

It was splash vs. solid.

“Clear” ano isn’t particularly easier to do than solid colours (both requiring the same number of baths; colour uses dye but that’s about it). But splashes, spatters, and other multi-coloured effects require more care and effort and therefore usually cost more.

Yeah what greg said, I just tried to put it as basic as possible

Oh, something kind of random, but how do they do the splash effects on yoyos?