Too many choices!

So, I just got my first real illustration gig, and I want to celebrate with a really solid new throw - one that can get me through some more advanced tricks. Problem is, I’m hopelessly overwhelmed with all the choices available. I’ve been yo-yoing for years, but only recently have I tried to really push past the most basic tricks. My number one throw is a PGM, followed by a shinwoo Phantom (which is really far better than it has any right to be at $10). Other than the occasional snag, I’m competent at binding - my real problem is stability. Both my yo-yo’s tend to tilt on me after a while, so I’m thinking that I need something very stable and on the heavy side to compensate. I’m a lefty, too, if that helps. I’d like to keep it below $70, but I might go up to $100 if it’s a really, really good deal. Metal is good, but I’d prefer something close to 2 inches in diameter or larger.

The only yo-yo’s I keep coming back to are the metal shinwoos (really, that phantom is nuts for the price), the YYF Boss, and the Dif-e-yo crossbones (but only because it’s sooooo pretty). However, I’m open to anything that’d fit what I need. Seriously. There are so many gorgeous throws out there. I wish I had tons to spend.

honestly, one of my most stable yoyo’s is my Dv888 with a center track…I don’t know why…but it just stays right up…
hope this helps,jeff

The yyf g funk is extremely stable and within your budget. But I have to say Code 1. It’s a $100, but is one of the best, most stable yoyos Out there.

Not to go cheap, but I found if stability is what I want and need, then working on my throw really helps. I have an Aolda Miracle and if I’m throwing bad, this yoyo makes it REALLY REALLY BAD since the wider than normal width really gets out of control fast. No matter how long you’ve been throwing, you can always work on your throw to improve it.

After that, I recently got a Speeder 2 and that thing is super stable and I rarely have tilt issues.

Yeah, I know I need to work on my throw. Throwing straight out I’m fine-it’s my breakaway that really needs work. Unfortunately, breakaways seem to be the backbone of higher level play.

I’ve looked at the Speeder 2, but I’m not sure if I should be all metal, or a high-end hybrid. The PGM is nice and all, but I’m afraid that I’ll outgrow a hybrid as soon as I’ve felt constrained by the grind machine. It might just be the specialized nature of a PGM, though. The Hubstacks are cool and all, but they seem a bit unnecessary for my level.

If you want to spend the cash then get a genesis (not genesis+, they are not as good), it is a wonderful throw that has great stability. If you want to stay on the cheaper side then maby go with a northstar…it is nice and heavy for you as well, and plays like silk.

I think your next step would be something like a Protostar or Northstar. It’s very stable and forgiving which will help you as you’re learning new tricks. If you’re wanting metal, then I would say a Raptor. Smooth and stable and not super expensive. It’s what both of my boys learned most of their tricks on.

If you’re going up to $100, the yoyo I go to for learning tricks on is the Code1.

I can’t believe I did it, but I went with the Code 1. $100 is a lot for a yo-yo, but I figure you only go around once, right? Might as well have a good throw.

Thanks for the recommendations, guys.

Nobody ever seems to look seriously at the dif-e-yo tank and crossbones anymore and it’s a shame. I know it’s not the yo of the month but they’re proven yo’s with a great track record and take such a beating.

For my first metal I ordered a Tank and the store sent me a crossbones by mistake. They sent the tank before I had recieved the crossbones. I bought both! I still have both and play them often. I’m not saying anything bad about the suggestions others have made, just saying that dif is an awesome choice in my opinion. It will take you as far as your dedication and imagination will allow. However, that is how it works with most every yoyo!

Congrats on the code 1. Awesome throw!

Well, it doesn’t help that they seem like pretty hard Yo-yo’s to find. I could only find one Crossbones in stock on another website. Plus, I’m still fairly ignorant and I didn’t know where it would fall as far as response goes. I definitely like something unresponsive out of the box.

But I really love the aesthetic that Dif-e-yo applies to the design of their yo-yo’s and logo. It’s got kind of a classic 50’s industrial look to it. It’s a real beatnik yo. If I ever have the money to spend again, I’m definitely going to pick up one of theirs.

You should love the code 1. Keep your eyes open in the bst if you want to pick up a cheap dif, or any yo really. I’ve seen crossbones and tanks for as low as $30.