Looking for throws with a rep for stability


Been out of throwing for 3-4 years.

I still remember when I got a Phenomizm - I had a good handful of throws at the time, but I was shocked at how the Phenomizm just seemed to want to stay straight/upright no matter what I did.

Looking to add some more throws, and the stability factor is - generally - main main consideration.

Currently (again, after being out of the game 3-4 years and selling nearly everything), my entire “collection” :stuck_out_tongue: consists of

  • Phenomizm
  • Protostar
  • OD Rally
  • Couple of Freehands

I used to have a Sturm Panzer Stealth Ogre, an SPYY Ranchero and a General Yo Prestige - all were fantastically stable…wish I still had 'em!

Would love to know your recommendations for a yoyo whose stability is its best feature - plastic or metal, cheap or expensive?

Thanks in advance!


Masamaxx is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to stability. It’s pretty heavy though weighing in at 91 grams!

The horizon is also extremely stable and has more “standard” dimensions and weight.

Those would be my two for stability.


Thanks! I will look into those…the Masamaxx sounds like a monster!

Much appreciated -


It is a monster! No problem and welcome back! :slight_smile:


The recess diplomat is ridiculously stable. You can pick up b grade ones for like 35$. I got mine at va states for 35$ but honestly I wouldn’t have been disappointed at all if I bought it as an a grade because it’s so close to perfect.


Thanks, Toby, I’ll take a closer look at it!


Here was a pretty cool thread I just saw about stability. Some recommendations I have are many of the bi metals. Don’t get fooled however, just because a yoyo is a bi metal does not mean it will be great. I would recommend the Yoyofactory Superstar 2016, Space Cowboy, or Nightmare. The 2SickYoyos Knight and Tempo are also insanely stable. If you can afford it, a YYR Draupnir is at the top of the pyramid for stability. For mono metals, there is no yoyo more stable than the Werrd Irony JPX.


+1 on the nightmare. It Is also very stable and all around fantastic.


Thanks for the input!


YYF Edge, Sengoku Hideyoshi. Shutter if you’re on a budget.


Got a local shop that I found today has a very good selection of YYF throws. I picked up a Nightmare and a Shutter - both great in their ways. They’ve also got a couple of Edges and Horizons. Would have picked up the Edge, but couldn’t find a written online review - maybe soon…they look great, though.




I think this is as good as any review for the Edge:


My local Hobbytown USA. They’ve always had a handful of metal yoyos, but when I walked a few days ago they had at least one of the following YYF’s:

Ex Machina
Superstar (2016)
Basecamp Jacknife
Too Hot

I was pretty suprised!


That is awesome! I haven’t made it to my local one yet but I hope to try sometime to see if they have yoyos!


One of the throws they had was a YYF Too Hot. I didn’t pay too much attention at first…hadn’t heard much about it, etc…, but remembered it and did some searching on the net and found a lot of good reviews, so I picked one up today in a really nice blue/black colorway.

I have to say, the Too Hot met and exceeded my expectations as far as stability (and other things) went.

Thing is, everybody is different, and what’s great for me may not be great for someone else. But it is always nice to be very pleasantly surprised!


The too hot was a massive recommendation about a year ago. I’m not sure why people don’t really talk about it but it’s probably because there are always so many yoyos coming out that many just get covered up.


For monometals, horizon and kenshin get my votes.


I really want to try the kenshin! I’ve heard tons of good about it! Also looking forward to the horizon ultra! That may be something to look into…


Wonder what will be ‘ultra’ about the Ultra? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also looking forward to the horizon ultra! [/URL]