Quotable #3: Light, Stable, Long Spinning, Plays Fast...

This was inspired by a discussion I was having with Midlifeyoyoman, and Gambit in the titanium thread:

I think this topic might not get the full attention it deserves within another thread. So, I created a spinoff thread for some more input. I will leave the quotes out of this one, but it is indeed a spinoff.

If you can think of a throw that fits the description of light, stable, long spinning and plays fast, post it here. I will keep a list of the suggestions, and perhaps try them soon. Midlifeyoyoman described the Dazzler as similar to that, and Gambit suggested the Krown. I’m curious what others might offer as a suggestion. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Preferably, under 65g…but okay to suggest otherwise.

  1. Dazzler
  2. Krown
  3. Fragment
  4. Uragment
  5. Pacquiao
  6. Konig
  7. Double Joker
  8. Strider
  9. DBA
  10. Deja Vu
  11. Draupnir

Format C

Just to name a few


I only have the Chief out of these and it doesn’t play nearly as fast at the “end” of the string as the Dazzler. I love my Chief but don’t feel that its a fast throw and it plays a lot lighter than its actual weight in my opinion.

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Let’s keep it real light…like the specs say 63g, even lighter than these ;D I have the Chief, Prestige, M10 and Wrath on that list. M10 is an example of something that plays kinda light that is also very stable and long spinning. I thought it was more floaty than “fast,” but not slow. It does have most of the elements for sure. But, let’s go even lighter mgiroux77. What else can you think of? Get those wheels turning some more haha.


Yes. For this thread, let’s go lighter than 65.5g, if possible. :-\

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That already excludes the Krown and Prestige…


@61.2 grams, I think the YYR Fragment “fits the bill” perfectly with regards to this thread. IMHO.

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Ok so…

The KONIG is 63.5, the YoyoJoker Double Joker and Strider are both sub 65 grams and UBER stable. The DJ is lightening quick too!!

Most yoyo’s that are that light, stable and spin like mad are Japanese designs. YYR, YYM and YYJoker have IMHO the best examples of light, stable and long spinning…


Is the skon vektor this light? I can’t find specs on it but saw carbon fiber mentioned.

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Irony GBA and Deja Vu

Nice list going so far. A lot of them I would never have entertained otherwise. I prefer heavier throws, but would make an exception for something that is stable and long spinning, if those qualities are found in lighter throws. I don’t care so much about the “fast” part, but curious to add that to the mix too. That Exit 8 I love is stable and long spinning, but I would not describe it as “fast.” It has the two most important elements…and is a 63g throw. It is the only light throw in my group of mains.

One of the Absolute Best yoyos I have ever thrown. And one of the best yoyos I own <> YYR Draupnir.

63.5 grams of Awesomeness.

And I got a lot a yoyos.

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I have heard nothing but great things about it. Stickman recommends it as well. :wink: I will get my hands on one.

Imo, my positron fits the description. So quick and humble :slight_smile:
No idea about the weight, although it feels light!


Tre 2k13 and Irony GBA comes to mind.

When the doctor writes that sort of prescription, you have to pick one up.

Mine is on my way to me at the moment. Should be only a few days…

How is the Konig?

It is a great yoyo. VERY stable and very fast. It spins just great too!! A ton of fun!!

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