So I’m wanting to get a higher end yoyo. I really like the feel of the dv888 so I was wanting one about the same size. Budget is $150.


One Drop MarkMont Next(MMN). Very similar shape, but way better performance.

Others would be the Gnarwal, Dietz. The ENEME is nice but it takes a bit more effort, although I have one and I put the effort in. The effort is in regards to having to improve your throw, so it forces you to improve. Good investment!

Sorry, I got plenty of undersized, they just aren’t coming to mind. Many are plastics or metal/plastics.

If you aren’t concerned about the dv888, way more opens up. The Roll Model I really like a lot, as well as the Equalateral, MVP(not 2.0), Superstar and Mutant DNA, all within your budget.

CLYW makes great stuff, but due to your want for undersized, you’re left with the Wooly Marmot and Campfire, with the Wooly Marmot being the leader. The Gnarwal is also on the smaller size and is also really great.

Too many to choose from and all well under the $150 price range. Can we go cheap? There’s some amazing LOW COST throws out there, well worth checking out.


I didn’t say they had to be close to $150. Just want something id like. Something new. I could probably get a couple of them


The SPYY Spyder 2 is a great undersized throw. You might like the One Drop Cascade as well but it does feel very different to most other yoyos so it’s definitely a try before you buy kind of thing.