Narrowing it down!


Assuming I have no preference, out of these yoyo’s which do you recommend?

I have only added these yoyo’s because these are the only ones that caught my eye AND are in stock.
I would love to get a CLYW or a One Drop, but any that I like are sold out. :frowning:

I don’t like BST; I’ve been ripped off before. Not on yoyo’s, but other things. Besides, I’d rather pay that extra 20 or so dollars to get a brand new, no scratches/dings yoyo.


Out of those four I would suggest the genesis because most people who have tried it like it so you probably will to. The throwback edition looks awesome too. It is really hard to say though because a yoyo is only as good as the user thinks it is, in other words it is all preference. :wink:


Don’t let something as trivial as being out of stock prevent you from getting something.

Check out Buy/Sell/Trade.

However, your choices are still nice. I’m just not voting.

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PM me what CLYW you would like and I can most likely get you one that is Mint or MINT IN BOX [ Still in Package ].
Talk to me before Saturday.