Lets try this again


I have twice made a thread on here about my first metal and twice had things in my personal life come up that have kept it from actually happening, I appreciate all the advice from before but am going to throw out the options I had left over from narrowing things down before and my new options that have come out since and get thoughts:

YYF Genesis (I love the way the Nationals edition looks)
YYO Tusk
YYO Kilter 2
YYF Shutter
YYF Too Hot

I will listen to suggestions on any other $50 and under options


IMO, the Shutter is a great choice for a player’s first metal yoyo.

It looks great, plays really well and Gentry won Worlds with it… Oh and it’s very affordable :grin::+1:t3:


Personally I would narrow it down to the too hot or shutter. These are both very versatile throws, and will handle anything you throw at them (haha). Both of them are slightly wider which will help aid in landing tricks as you learn them.


I have purchased several throws including the shutter, don’t get me wrong its a good throw but I always find myself with the Onedrop Gauntlet in my hand, if I was starting today and know what I know now that’s the throw I would get first. just my 2cents.


ok, the shutter is one I have heard about before, can anyone give me info on the Genesis and the YYO options to compare? pros/cons comparing any of the yoyos on the list would be great


I have nothing bad to say about the YYO throws you listed, but I’d probably choose between the Genesis and the Too HOT. Get the Nats Genesis if you like the way it looks. It came and went last year with too little fanfare. Plays great. It would be great to see some splash versions in the future.


I’m a genesis man myself.


MYY N12. It is a good yoyo, not just because it is <1/2 the price of the yoyos you’ve mentioned, it is just a genuinely decent yoyo. I am going to assume those personal issues were financial, in which case the very cheap N12 (~$15) would be your best bet. If you are dead set against MYY then look on the BST for the things you listed, they can be easily found for great prices compared to retail.


well I considered all the advice I have gotten in this and a few other threads, reading some reviews and contacting the manufacturer reps on this forum (who all responded and were extremely helpful) and ended up going with what was actually available on Amazon (had a gift card) and have a One Drop Vanguard on the way now, thank you for all the help


That’s a good way to go. Using available funds is a good way to decide. Also one drop is totally legit on producing good throws.


Great choice! You’ll love it!!

In case you don’t like the flat bearing, you could always swap it out.