Should I Get The Genesis?

Christmas is coming and I was thinking about getting the Genesis. I was wondering if it was a good yoyo and if I should get it. Please help me!

Yes, it is a good yoyo, but pretty much everything is nowadays.
If it matches your preferences, buy it.
If you don’t know at all what your preferences are, I’d buy something a little cheaper that looks good to you, like the c3 capless.

Yeah. Get something that will help you shape out your preferences. That’s why I got the yoyofactory 888 at first and what i didnt like on it helped me pick out my favorite throw ever, the BOSS by yyf.

Pick what you THINK you will like then let it help you find what you really want

Absolutely get the Genesis. I believe it is the best all around yoyo from YoYoFactory and in my favorite throws of all time list.

it is a good yoyo… but I would get something by C3yoyodesign. There yoyos are beast! I wouldn’t get a genesis, i wolud get a Yeah3 or something by them (not sOMETHING the brand).

Back and forth, “Oh yes, absolutely get the Genesis!” to “I wouldn’t get the Genesis.” What this tells us once again is it is difficult to make up another’s mind for them. I have the C3 Capless as well as the Genesis, both which have been mentioned here. Neither recommendation is incorrect as far as a preference from one individual to another. I love them both. My Capless feels a little more “floaty” to me than my Genesis. If I am going to be honest I think my Genesis edges out my C3Capless just by a little bit, but that’s just this week. Talk to me in January and I may have changed my mind on that. I, like so many, hesitate to steer another in one direction or another for fear your preference will strike you different. If saving about $20 is important to you Mr. Yoyoguy’s advice is sound. However SR is a respected member as well and he strongly recommends the Genesis. Neither one is wrong.

Look them all over, if the Genesis continues to look inviting to your eyes, buy it. It’s a great throw and I believe a good value even at it’s price tag. You will not regret owning one.

I also have both the Capless and Genesis and i must say that the genesis is smoother than the Capless. Even with the stacks on it. The capless will play a little faster though. I recommend both, it just depends on how you play i guess