I just got my Christmas bonus, Help me spend it!

Hey everyone, as the title suggests, I’m looking for a yoyo as I just got my bonus in from work.

Looking at something in the ~£80 range (~$120), I enjoy playing with undersized yoyos but also don’t mind using a full sized yoyo, right now using my SuperNova and Code 2 as my usual throws. I have a Crucial Cupcake coming for Christmas from my girlfriend so that yoyo is off the table.

I have been looking at the CLYW Gnarwhal or Arctic Circle, I would like to get a CLYW as I haven’t bought one yet, I am open to suggestions outside of CLYW :).

Thanks for any help that you’re willing to give.

Do you want to stick with that code 2, nova, Ac shape?

I’m not too fussed about the shape really, I like the shape of my yoyo’s at the moment but I also kind of want to broaden my horizons. That’s why I’m going for a company that I haven’t bought from before.

Are you going the new or used route? Because unfortunately I don’t think you’ll get a clyw for that unless you go used. But you mentioned you enjoy undersized, have you tried a wooly marmot? I love mine. It’s not what I’d call a competition yoyo, but it’s definitely fun.

I hear Gsquared has some extremely high quality yoyos :slight_smile:

On a couple of UK sites it’s posted for £75, which is under my budget :slight_smile: I haven’t looked into the wooly marmot but I will.

I also don’t mind it not being a comp. yoyo, I’m not looking to go into one any time soon.

I would try an H shape or something organic if your looking for a different shape.

Some suggestions I would make are:
Code 1
A peak

It’s probably best if you don’t link to another retailer. But that’s cool, I didn’t know there were still places who a. had them in stock, and b. sold then for under $130.

Brain fart on my behalf there :/, edited my reply. and YYE stocks them for $120 :slight_smile:

I’ve found a couple of guys around my area that has a couple of those, I’ve arranged to meet with them and try a couple out before I buy them. Thanks for the insight :slight_smile:

Get some bacon

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I’m really enjoying this fresh AL7 Albatross. But those are selling for $130.

The regular ones are still great and at a lower price. Consider the Nessie as well.

If you want CLYW, Avalanche and Gnarwal are you only choices, but are good choices.

One Drop’s Code 2, Cascade, Dang, Burnside, Dietz, Code 1,all great performers.

Square Wheels Royale

Eternal Throw Victory
RaYYo Chupacabra

C3 Trident?

Want to spend less but still get your mind blown: RecRev Freq. Wave. Wear a helmet to keep the pulpy grey matter goodness from exploding uncontrollably through the back of your skull. Facade is a good alternative.