I want a new yoyo.

I have 140-ish to spend, I want a new yoyo. Doesn’t matter on size, I prefer undersized but i am willing to get a full. Help?

get a Code 2.


Arctic Circle. Selvedge Gold and Burnt orange are only 135$. Super awesome throw.

Donate to charity.

Scratch that, screw charity. Get a sOMEThING yoyo

You’d enjoy the TA-1 (RecRev), Oxy io, the FiRMY, or Y-Factor.

Get an Arctic Circle while theyre on sale


But seriously, CLYW Gnarwhal, Onedrop Dietz, or any of the spin dynamics. Basically, look at my favorite yoyo list, all are undersized! Also consider the general-yo ethenos and the onedrop project.

I was actually thinking about a CLYW or a cascade. I already own an arctic circle and all of the spin dynamics… Yay or nay?

Gnarwhal then. If you enjoy spin dynamics stuff, then get it! Beware though, i heard the newest run vibes a bit more.

Cascade is good.
Get a gnar or cascade.

Oh, he enjoys Spin Dynamics. He’s sponsored by them. :wink:

Anyway, have you looked into the SPYY Supra? It’s a really fun undersized.

How does the io play?

I have not!

Get an Arctic Circle. Its such a good yoyo in every way.

Get a Code 2, or Avalanche! You’d love them!

Do you read?

Either get a CLYW Chief, Avalanche, or One Drop Code 2.

Code 2

You should definitely get it then! It’s amazing!