YYF Space cowboy

is this yoyo a good choice? is it worth the price I’ve been looking at it for a while now and don’t know weather or not to get it.

Get one it’s amazing. Only better throws I to are the yyf ti and the sleipnir

Completely worth it’s price. Very stable and fun to throw.

Definitely worth the price. It’s quite the beast. I only wish they would make better colorways for it.

How would you Compare it with other yoyos in its price range like Yoyofactory VKSS or Rapid or other bimetal.

Space Cowboy is my favorite yoyo!

What color way should i get… i have been eyeing the red one. Do the ones from yoyo expert come with the container with Tylers original signature on it? (is it worth it to try and find one with his signature)?