Which YoYo should I get for 1a

Which YoYo should I get, I can’t decide and I need to know performance wise

What is your price range?

Yes, we would like to know your price range.
However, with money being no object, Space Cowboy is the best bet since we don’t know what you like.

I can’t really voucher for any of these yo-yos because I haven’t ever played with them, but they all seem pretty pricey.

I would go for an 80-90$ yoyo with a center-trac bearing - it’ll probably give you an even longer spin time than a 120$ yo-yo, but its you choice.

there are dozens of better yoyos if money is no object IMO.

my price limit is $200

I would recommend the eternal throw Elysium, but I’ve heard great things about the space cowboy…

Space Cowboy is good, but you should stay away from thicker strings when you use it. It tends to snag on me more than my other yoyos when I use thicker string. Gradient is nice, but if you want monster stability it wouldn’t be my first choice. Elysian is cool, but it’s really made for fingerspins as to the point where it won’t get the same performance as a yoyo made purely for string trick performance. If you had ANY choice up to $200, go for a TROPIC SPINS SHIPWRECK! It is a total beast on the string and it sleeps longer and with more stability than a Space Cowboy. Don’t be scared of the shape, it’s comfortable in the hand too! If that isn’t enough, get their new Finch! It’s mid-sized, stable and has the perfect balance of center weight and rim weight. Buuuuuut the best part is, you can get both! Combined they are under $200.

True, but with reasonable doubt, the Space Cowboy is expensive enough while still being justifiable.

How thick are you talking? I use yysl ammo in my space cowboy and I’ve never had any problems with snagging. to me it feels like it was almost made for that string.

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I asked Logi to make me some thicker string, but he made it REALLY thick. Like more than Kitty XL. Kitty fat is perfect for that yoyo

still, for that price point I can think of some that I like better.

Even I did fingerspins on elysian