I have teh moniez

Hello inhabitant of Earth, I have noticed a rather large empire of these “yo yos” made of “metal.” Your “paper” currency is simple to find, so i have collected much of it to acquire one of these “yoyos” I have noticed a rather large empire called “YoyoFactory” to buy from. I stopped time and practiced for hours so I know all of your silly little tricks. I need a suggestion from one of you… humans… of what to buy.

lol i was thinking about the proton or Space Cowboy but what do you think

Space cowboy are no joke

The YYF Aviator looks nice

Can’t go wrong with a Space Cowboy.

Space cowboy is good

Draupnir or Palpitation if money isn’t a problem though for the best of the best

Sputnik if you want something a little smaller

I understand all of the hype surrounding the space cowboy but I already have something similar, what do you think of the proton

No hype… Space cowboys are the real deal.

Proton is good but its kinda an older design. It’d been replaced by the cyborg

I really like the Proton, one of my favourite Yoyofactory yoyos. Very stable, plays heavy and solid. Not the best for speed, but if you’re just looking for good performance then it’s a great choice. :slight_smile:

What exactly are you looking for play-wise?


What do you have similar to the Space Cowboy? Because even if you have something with a similar profile, the SC is likely to still play much differently, due to the stainless rims and their effect on the right distribution. It’s an absolutely outstanding throw, all-around powerhouse.

The specs i am roughly looking for are 56 mm diameter / 44 mm width

Shu-Ta fits those specs perfectly and is 7075 aluminum. It’s a pretty goo throw in terms of performance. The Too Hot is a little bigger than those specs and the Space Cowboy is a little smaller.

Definitely cyborg over proton though. Aviator might be worth looking into as well since it’s pretty stable and around those specs.

Unfortunately there isn’t any 7075 or SS Genesis in stock or else I’d say to grab one of those. Definitely on par with the Space Cowboy in performance.

The only other throw I can think of would be the SuperNova which gets overlooked a lot these days since there’s a lot of them on the market but it’s still a nice throw.

You could have a too hot and supernova for the price of the space cowboy almost.

I hate to be a pain, but would you recommend a cyborg or an aviator

you know what never mind, but thanks for all of your help! I’m going to get a Rapid because its stats are so close to the Isotope2

Rapid is a great yoyo; you will not be disappoint.