yomega prodigy? thoughts?

This looks like a good throw. I was wondering how it plays compared to a Space Cowboy

Best yoyo I own, completely underrated. Haven’t played the Space Cowboy.

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It’s a different kind of yoyo than the Space Cowboy. It is an AWESOME yoyo, though!

Whereas the Space Cowboy is all about rim weight, the Prodigy is more of an all-arounder. Prodigy will regen better and probably feel more agile. Space Cowboy will probably spin longer and be a bit more stable (“more” doesn’t imply that the Prodigy isn’t stable, though… it’s plenty stable). Both are really good yoyos.

My advice is to pick the one you like the look of better and just overall gives you the impulse to spend that money. :wink: Either of them will serve you just fine. Since the thread title is asking about the Prodigy, it sounds like you just want confirmation that it’s worth the dough, and it is. So you should get one. :wink:

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It plays great!

To me it felt pretty bland. Similar to that of a code 2. I’d say you’d be better off picking up a valor since ondrop makes both.

Something tells me those were all user errors…

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Cowboy man.

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