Yomega Prodigy?

Did anyone try the Yomega Prosigy at Nats? It looks so good… and those are some good specs…

Does it play anything like the dietz? Is it fast like the dietz? How’s it play, thoughts?

It looks SOOOoooo good.

I would imagine it plays nothing like the Dietz, though. Completely different approach to design.

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Yea, you’re probably right. I gotta get this one…

Dan’s really gettin Yomega back on their feet ;D

How much is it going to be? More than the glide?


It looks like a burnside and an Ava had a baby.

Where are you guys finding pictures of and info on this “Yomega Prodigy”?

Look on the YYE blog page. :wink:

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It looks like a arctic circle

I don’t see it looking much like an Arctic Circle.

…gotta go along with Greg here. This yo-yo appears to represent a fine example of Yomega really beginning to step up to the plate in high-end throws. It doesn’t really resemble my Arctic Circle all that much however. Similarities, yeah, there’s a few, maybe. Comparison to a CLYW Arctic Circle is quite high praise from where I’m sittin’ and would place the bar pretty high for this product or any other IMO.

I’m thrilled to see Yomega making their recent efforts to get off the porch and attempt to take a run or two around the block with the big dogs!

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In person it looks awesome. There is a bit of the Dietz look here and there as well. Just an all around great great yoyo.

Looks mean ‘nothing’ compared to ‘Play’. Obviously, you guys know this.

That being said, you state it looks Awesome in person.

But you say/said nothing about whether you think it plays awesome,‘in person’?

Just curious

PS… I realize you stated ‘Just an all around great great yoyo’. < short of a ‘review’, I wanted to know if you could provide a little more depth about how you came about drawing that conclusion?

PS 2… My missed opportunity <> I was at Nats and literally stared and/or picked up that Prodigy yoyo at least 6 times. I was actually ‘encouraged’ to give it a try. A few people wanted to know what I thought of it, compared to the hundreds of yoyos I have thrown over the years? And for reasons still unclear to me, I have Absolutely no urge to give it a try? I am thinking I did not seriously consider that after All these years, that Yomega was Finally making an effort Produce a Real higher performance metal yoyo.

My mistake, cuz I was at the park ALL day long and tried a whole lotta yoyos, duh, lol.

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Plays really nice. Very rounded shape which makes it a comfortable catch. Benchmark smooth. I thought the ano was a little much, but the kids seem to like that kind of thing these days.

Nothing remarkable about it, but I’m sure plenty of people will like it. More expensive than it should be coming from Yomega, but it’s meant to mostly be a “team yoyo” from the best I can tell.

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Oh it plays fantastic!! I was more commenting to the look as the last few posts were doing that. I have played the proto and the final version and I love it. It plays fast and smooth and and very stable. It has a bit of float but still is a solid throw. When a yoyo can have both that floaty/solid feel at the same time you can tell the design is spot on (IMHO). This yoyo will be one of the best releases of the year. It matches up with anything that CLYW, One Drop, General Yo, YYF and the rest have put out.

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Thanks for the info! Gotta save up some money to pick this one up ;D

Wow! Fervent veneration for a new throw from any manufacturer. If your analysis is accurate Yomega has wholly put on their big boy pants and leaped ahead in the marketplace!

To be fair it was machined by one drop.


That means almost nothing. The design, specs, and everything was done by yomega with Dan, One Drop had no part in that… Being machined by One Drop may make it smoother, but I dont see much more than that…

I doubt they would machine a yoyo without any comments.

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