Yomega PRODIGY | Daniel Dietz Signature Series | Available 10/19

Dan Dietz is a very popular name in the yo-yo world and he has recently joined forces with one of the most popular names in yo-yoing - Yomega! And Yomega’s newest yo-yo is the all new Dan Dietz Signature throw - The PRODIGY!


Yomega wanted this yo-yo to be absolutely perfect for Dan Dietz’s Unique play style so they gave him free reign to go and create his ideal yo-yo. The ProDigy really represents Dan’s journey as a yo-yo player. When designing it he sought out Nick Gumlaw, one of his first yo-yo teachers and founder of Spin Dynamics, who helped him with general shape and design advice on the Prodigy. And Yomega even sourced the machining to One Drop, Dan’s previous yo-yo sponsor, to guarantee a high quality, american made yo-yo that everyone will love.

The final result of these collaborations is a really stunning, high performance throw. The beautiful wide stepped-down, angled shape gives the Prodigy a really stable feel and creates a wider catch zone to help nail every trick. The outer rim lip is perfect for thumb grinds and the outside, center dimple unlocks a variety of top-on style tricks and grinds.

Yomega, along with the help of some friends in the business, has created an amazing yo-yo that truly represents Dan Dietz as a player. The PRODIGY is here!


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It was a great party tonight at A2Z to kick off the release of the Prodigy!! Congrats to Dan, Nick, One Drop and Yomega on such an awesome yoyo!! I had a blast watching everyone freestyle on the Prodigy!!

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I think it was a good move on their part to not engrave these. People seem to scowl at yomega’s name on a yoyo and automatically become biased towards not liking it.

Also a note to remember: This yo-yo was designed and machined in the USA and comes with a Dif-e-yo Konkave bearing stock. I completely agree on the non-engraving. The shape of the yo-yo is really allowed to stand out this way, along with the color.

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I was so mad I couldn’t go to the release. I really wanted to try it! I guess I had to get a Flu Shot and I had to fall right where it was.

EDIT: that Light blue, green, and pink splash will be mine! If I can get 55 more dollars within 2 weeks.

Wish I could have been there, but that aside I have to decided on what color to pick. I’m tossed between black with sliver and gold splash or the blue with the link and green splash… Hmmm so good to hear so many nice things about this yoyo and most if the hands that touched this I really like their work so that makes it easy to buy this yoyo.

Here is Mr Dynamic throwing the Prodigy at the A2Z release party!!


This is seriously the ONLY yoyo I want right now…that silver with red splash one is calling my name, LOL.

BTW, the promo ROCKED!

You have a Glide now (and a nice one too) play with that :wink:

Actually, that situation is complicated at the moment, LOL. But I definitely played with it some, and it is AMAZING!