Yomega Prodigy Questions!

Hello everyone, i was wondering what people thought on the prodigy, I used one briefly at IL states and I want one but I want to know if it has anything bad that I should now about it.

It’s a yomega designed by someone who used to be one onedrop in colab with a yoyo designer and produced by onedrop. I doubt there’s anything wrong other than it didn’t fit some peoples preferences.

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Yeah thanks I am looking for one if anyone wants to trade one…

anyone else? anymore mini reviews?

Well, it is good, really good.
Get it and you won’t regret your choice.

Also, it looks good.

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I got to meet the guy that helped design it (Mr. Spin dynamics) and the guy whose signature yoyo the prodigy is (Daniel dietz) these two guys were enough to make me want to buy one as they are a great asset to yoyo community and among some of the most positive people I’ve met! Another noteworthy point it was made in house at one drop ( these guys don’t play around when it comes to making awesome products!).

The prodigy took me a little while to warm up to it, but once I did it’s been hard to set it down. The prodigy a as been my go to yoyo since Shortly after I picked it up. I feel that the prodigy is a well rounded yoyo and can chew on most anything you throw at it.

The only drawbacks seem to be the lack of desirable variety of colorways available and it didn’t fit some people’s preferences, but I liked it enough I ended up with two.

I hope you are able to get one as it is a truly wonderful yoyo.

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hey thanks ^ I think I am going to get one soon!

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You’re welcome I edited my post hopefully it’s easier to understand. I’d easily buy a third if the second run has some mind blowing colorways.

yeah im liking the silver with red splash i think i might get that one