Yomega Daniel Dietz Prodigy: What's your thought?


After over 10 years since my last yoyoing as a kid, I’m now getting back to this amazing hobby and currently only own and play with YYF Shu-ta for the last few months. Now I’m thinking about getting a new ‘pro’ yoyo. I saw on Massdrop the Yomega Daniel Dietz Prodigy, and I’m quite interested. What do you guys think about this yoyo? Is it made of 7057 aluminum? Any thoughts about this yoyo are welcome. Thanks.

I believe it is 6061. If the yoyo fits your preferance then by all means pick one up, I’m sure it’ll perform great. My personal reccommendation is a One Drop Valor, it’s fast, 7075, stable, and light. Did I mention that it spins forever. Or you could go on the bst and get a Space Cowboy for like 90$, and the SC is bi metal.

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I got new Valor for $95 on ebay

The Prodigy is an excellent all-arounder. Hits the right notes for almost every aspect of play, is high quality and “smooth”. The only drawback is if you like your yoyos a bit quirky in that they have one aspect they stand out in (for good or for bad), you won’t find it here. The Prodigy doesn’t have a singular unique aspect-- again, it’s the all-arounder aspect that’s the defining feature, IMO.

Your money is well spent if you like the look and specs of the Prodigy.

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Honestly all yoyos $45 and up will not disappoint you these days.

I don’t have one but on paper the specs look like a perfect full sized V to me. The more yoyos I try the more and more brand loyal I am becoming to Onedrop so I like they machined it - just to show support.

It’s true even a “budget” yoyo can perform just fine - so for me it comes down to comfort and what the manufacturer represents. Onedrop does everything inhouse amongst a small group of cool people. I like that mentality. For me it adds something special to a collection. So much in life we are nearly forced to give our hard earned money to organizations that don’t have that - it’s nice to have the opportunity to support companies like that via hobbies.

Me personally, for a first “higher end” throw I’d recommend a side effect Onedrop. You’ll have the flexibility to experiment with different side effect weights. If you play the snot out of it and ever have axel problems - just switch out the side effects with no worry to the yoyo body. If you’re like me you can also take pride in knowing you’re supporting a special-homemade-type-family-vibe-of-a-product.

The prodigy looks very good to me though so if that’s what you want then go for it, absolutely!
If youre asking for personal opinions, I’d recommend OD MMClassic, Cascade second and Benchmark14W third (benchmark is a bargain and a half!!!) :slight_smile:

There’s my long-winded two cents :slight_smile:

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