For sale only super cheap prices. Prodigy, Ceasar, Space Cowboy.


Looking to sell. All my throws are smooth. I do not have boxes.

General yo prodigy: Rare colorway. Super smooth. A few 3a marks. $80
Monkeyfinger ceasar. Mint to my knowledge, smoothest yoyo I own. $80
Shutter: 2 marks super smooth. $20
Space cowboy: 2 marks on rims. Smooth. $65
Regen: Mint, smooth. $20

Buy all for $250


Do you have pictures of the damage in the shutter and the space cowboy?

(major_seventh) #4

That’s a blue mist General-Yo Prestige. Yomega made Daniel Dietz’s Prodigy.

(system) #5