Yoyos for sale

Hey guys, I could use some money, and I have some Yoyos that I don’t use anymore, so I’m trying to sell them. Message me with any questions. Only trades I will accept are a draupnir or a sputnik.
Snozberries aftershock- near mint, smooth. $80 shipped
Space cowboy- one mark on the rim, one mark on the ano. Smooth. $85 shipped
7075 pride- mint, smooth. $75 shipped GONE
Chemblast 54- mint, smooth. $70 shipped
Custom anodized code 1- near mint, smooth. $65 shipped
Barracuda- few small marks, smooth. $65 shipped GONE
Chief- has a lot of dings, rims were sanded by the previous owner. Still super smooth. $50 shipped GONE
Quest- near mint, tiny vibe. Lateral caps have a tiny hole so they can be removed. $50 shipped
Torque- near mint, smooth. $20 shipped
Echo 2- mint, smooth. $25 shipped GONE
Metal racer- brand new. $15 shipped

Um messiah or stardust v2?