Thinking of getting myself a present w/ Christmas money

Guys, after Christmas, I want to buy a new yoyo. I’ve been playing my DV888 a lot and love it. However I would like to upgrade the size and even possibly versatility. I started playing almost last week, I’ve learned many things including different ways to bind, trapeze, brain twister, and split the atom.

Which is a better buy and why? Genesis, Supernova, or Space Cowboy? I love YoyoFactory and would like to keep my yoyo’s within that brand.

Is Genesis even suppose to be in this list because it’s an H yoyo, however I can’t find the differences between butteryfly and H shaped yoyos.

Space-cowboy. Bimetal beadblast horizontal player spin times up the wazzo.

Genesis SS is the best followed by the Space cowboy and then comes the 7075 genesis. Then supernova followed by 2012 genesis.

I recommend the Aviator. :smiley:

2014 Genesis (the SS Genesis mentioned above) if you can find one. Shu-Ta. Space Cowboy is fantastic, too, though.

Honestly, though? I loved the TooHOT when I tried it. Eager to get my hands on one as my next YYF.

I strongly suggest the Space Cowboy. I went in with low expectations but it has really impressed me and has been my #1 throw since I got it around Thanksgiving.

I haven’t thrown a Supernova (I’m sure it’s great and I happen to have one coming to me in the mail) but you can’t go wrong with the Genesis. I’ve owned lighter USA made, heavier China made, hubstacked, 2014 and Luis versions and every one is fantastic. The Aviator that someone else suggested is also an excellent option and I am also a big fan of the Cypher.

Not sure if you’re looking to go retail or get something on the BST but you can frequently find mint or near mint Genesis/Supernova of various types for $50 or less (I paid $45 for a near mint Luis Genesis and $35 for a mint 2012 Supernova in the past couple weeks) and mint Space Cowboys for around $80…you get a ton of bang for your buck when buying YYFs in the BST.